Not interested in earning US Dollar?

Want to capitalize on China’s rate cut? Please check this list out. China is probably the only place that actually has loose monetary policy. In addition, the Chinese stocks listed in the US are cheap in terms of valuation. In the last year and half, Chinese companies are down 50%-90% due to tight China regulations, worsening China-US tensions and the possibility of delisting.
However, the trend can turned quickly due to three reasons. First, Chinese government has emphasized to provide more friendly policy on the internet player including Alibaba (BABA), JD(JD), Pinduoduo(PDD), Baidu(BIDU). Second, Chinese central bank has just cut key interest rate to stimulate the economy. Third, China is in the pole position in the clean energy industry including EV (Electric Vehicle) and solar energy space. The US listed stock including EV companies NIO, Li Auto(Li), and solar energy company Daqo New Energy Corp (DQ) and Jinko Solar Holdings (JKS). The clean energy space is expected to be very hot towards the end of 2022 as Europe’s gas prices have broken a new record due to the tight supply.
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