Stocks Ex-Dividend Dates Alerts

Stocks Ex-Dividend Dates Alerts is a pre-set screener. It gets you worth-buying stocks with recent ex-dividend date.
A stock's ex-dividend date is one business day before the record date. Investors who buy the stocks on or after that day will not receive dividend. That is, you must buy before the ex-dividend date. Otherwise you would miss out on the next payment. Also we don't want to wait too long until the next dividend, so we only pick stocks whose dividend date within next 7 days by the criteria “dividend split and ex-entitlement date is next 7 days” Long term investors rarely buy dividends stock with bad fundamentals. That's why we only select S&P500 stocks by the criteria "S&P500" In general, the stock will adjust down by the amount of the dividend when it goes ex-div. So we need to find stocks that are already close to their 52-week low by the criteria “ (price - 52-week low)/price < 0.1” By adding the dividend yield critera to the query, we can see the yield of the stocks that we have screened out. Now you can decide whether to buy it or not!