You can have ability to find the stocks that fits you the best

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Wed, Dec 14, 2022, 8:37 AM ET  ·  1 min read  ·  0 view

You may think that Ainvest is only has the App version, but actually we are more than that. Besides the App, we also have the website that provides all kinds of information about the stock market.

Home Page

    Have you ever tried typing stuffs like “stocks with P/E below 15” or “Stocks price below 2” on a search engine, then spend 2 minute read through all the pages and ads trying to find the answer you want? Now Ainvest can present the correct answer to you in seconds, and all you need to do is just type in what you wanna know about stocks then click the “Search” button on our home page.

    Besides the stock search function, the latest Market Trends are shown below the search box, you can find out what happened to the market and trading opportunities under these pages.

    Last but not least, the Trending Screens shows you our best stock screens that can help you generate alpha comparing to the market.

Screener Tab

    “What if I don’t know what kind of stocks I should invest and I don’t have my own strategy?” This thought may come to your mind when you are reading this instruction, and our answer is don’t even worry about it. Under the “Screener” tab, you can find all kinds of pre-set screens that can help you find the best opportunities in the equity market. No matter you prefer technical setups or fundamental analysis; large cap companies or penny stocks; financial industry or tech companies; you can always find the screens that are most suitable for you.

News Tab

    Under News tab, We have Fastest free and breaking news in Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices, Economy and more. You can be the first group of people that are informed what is going on in the market and the world.

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