What does Ainvest Paper Trading offer?

1. Use our free trading simulator to practice trading risk-free and commission free.

2. Access real-time quotes, explore integrated charts with indicators, and set up price alerts.

3. Practice trading strategies to see what might work and what might not work.

4. Over 22 technical indicators and 5 charting tools allow you to apply indicator studies to your charts.

5. Good way to learn trading virtually before the real trade

Why use Ainvest Paper Trading?

For students: Want to try trading stocks but don't yet have enough funds.

For new investors: Have the capital to trade but aren't sure where to begin.

For skilled investors: Want to use virtual trading to test new strategies.

How to use paper trading?

1. Go to the "Homepage" and then click "Paper Trading".

2. Click "buy" and enter the purchase page. Then, search for your favorite stocks.

3. For example, if you want to buy $APPL, you can change the number of shares purchased, as the arrow pointed out. Then click "Buy".

4. Next, click "Confirm", $APPL$ has been bought successfully.

5. Then the stock's profits or losses will be in your account.

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