November CPI reading came at 7.1% yoy growth, below the estimate of 7.3%, which means fight inflation is in progress. When the inflation data came down severely in the coming years, the technology stocks will be the beneficiaries. However, not all technology stocks will generate decent returns for investors, investors need to be selective in picking high quality technology stocks. The AI Strategies will provide investors great opportunities to capture high-quality growth stocks, especially technology stocks set to rebound hard and outperform the market.

Even in a tough investment environment for the year, our Magic Portfolio large Cap & Growth still provides investors an annualized return of 14.61%, comfortably beating S&P 500 return of 10.34% for the past three years.


Chart 1 Large Cap& Growth Style

Within the portfolio, if you would like to know more details on stock picking, there is a perfect example for ANET From Chart 2, you can see that our Magic Portfolio is buying ANET on Oct 17th and selling on Nov 7th making the profit of an impressive 25.35% in just 20 days. 


Chart 2 ANET Example

Now you have seen how profitable and powerful our strategy and platform are. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and earn smart money right now. For more details, please refer to the AIdea tab within AInvest App.

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