2.1 Instruction_Technical

2.1.1 Indicators

Here are some commonly-used examples for our technical indicators. However, we are more than that, and you can feel free to type in the indicators you want to use on our page.

Technical Indicator examples:

2.1.2 Indicator Search

By typing in the name of any technical indicator, you can find the value of the indicator for all stocks. For example, you can type in “SMA” or “RSI” to get the value of these indicators.

Also for technical investors, you can search patterns or signals using queries like “MACD Golden Cross”, “Hanging Man” or “Shooting Star”. Then you can find the stocks that are having the signal or the pattern on the daily chart.

2.2 Multiple Conditions

“What if I want to use more than 1 conditions?” The answer for the question is just simply type in another query. One quick example, for a lot of technical traders, the signal like “MACD Golden Cross” is not efficient for entering a trade, unless the golden cross happens below 0. Therefore, in this example, you can type in:

MACD Golden Cross;

MACD(DIFF Value)<0

Then you can get the result like what you can see in this screenshot.

2.3 Editable Value

If you want edit the value, it is easy on our site. All you need to do is just type in the value you want. For example, if you want to trade stocks with price lower than $10, just type in:


Then the result will come to you like this screenshot.

This function also works for other indicators. For example, if you want to find stocks just made a new all time low, you can type in:

Intraday Low=All Time Low

Then you can see the result.

2.4 Calculation

If you are looking for the average value of something, you can try typing like the next example:

last 10 day average trading volume;

Then you can get the result you want.

2.5 Historical Data

In addition, if you want to check historical data, our site cam make this easy to you. For example, if you want to know the closing price for all stocks on 10/01/2020, you can type in:

20201001 Closing Price

This function also works for technical indicators like:

20221003 MACD(DIFF Value) Turn Upward

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