2.1 Instruction on Query with Financial Indicators

2.1.1 Financial Indicators example: Net Income, Total Revenue, Total Asset, Equity, etc.

2.1.2 How to find indicators: Just using common financial words

You can simply type the name of an indicator to get the screen of all companies with their quoting data, technical trends, financial statements items, or other info you pick. For example, the query “total revenue” will show total revenues for last 12 months and quarterly value.

2.2 Stock Screener: Multiple screens

By writing additional conditions from either fundamental, technical or other perspectives, you can now see 2 or more columns added to your screener based on your criteria. Please remember to add semi comma between each condition. The image below shows a typical multi-conditional query and its expected results. Query: total revenue; market cap; macd

2.3 Customize the value & Comparison

Set up a comparison value to filter results to a specified range. If you type the query “total 1b< revenue <2b”, you will find out all companies with their revenue greater than $1 billion but lower than $2 billion.

2.4 Calculation (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide by, etc.)

The best way to calculate a ratio, such as long-term debt / equity, in AInvest, is directly typing what you want to ask in the query “long-term debt / equity > 1”, and you will have the result automatically.

2.5 Query on Growth: yoy, qoq, compound growth

Especially for fundamental analysis, it is important to know the growth of a specific financial figure to evaluate your target company. And you can also select YoY, QoQ or other time constraints to calculate the growth. The image shows a typical query example to calculate net income growth.

2.6 Searching history: You can search the historical data for many financial indicators

Finally, if you do not want to limit the result to the latest figure, you can always tell AInvest the timing you are searching for. Now check out the operating income in 2020Q1 for those revenues greater than 1B. Try the query “operating income in 2020Q1; revenues last year greater than 1B”

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