1. What is WSB?

Wallstreetbets, or WSB for short, is a Reddit discussion board about stocks and options. After the GameStop Short Squeeze, WSB's popularity rapidly increased and it was briefly inaccessible on January 27, 2021.

Nowadays, WallStreetBets has become one of the most popular stocks and options exchange communities, with over 7.5 million participants. 

2. What is the WallStreetBet tracker?

Wallstreetbet tracker can track the most popular stocks in the WSB forum in real-time, allowing users to discover the market focus for the first time.

3. Who does this function target?

Day Traders, Short-term investors are able to find investment opportunities easily.

4. What is the advantage of this function?

(1) WSB's real-time popular stocks and their stock price trends can be viewed.

(2) Changes in the popularity of WSB stocks can be tracked.

(3) The real-time rise and fall of the sector composed of WSB popular stocks can be viewed.

(4) The real-time information related to WSB stock can be viewed.

5. How to find it?

Step 1. Open the discover page and the WSB function will be found, which displays the three most popular stocks in WSB. Then, Click view all to view all popular stocks.

Step 2. The red box shows the trend of the WSB sector, while real-time information related to WSB stocks is provided. Click on a specific stock to enter the WSB stock popularity details page.

Step 3: On this page, the changes in stock prices and popularity can be viewed. In addition, company profiles and turnover are also displayed.

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