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Growth stocks took a big hit in 2022, and it's anyone's guess where the markets go in 2023. While the blue chip-heavy S&P 500 index fell 19.4% last year, the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite dropped 33%. Investors should not let brutal selling stop them from putting money into quality stocks at the start of the New Year. Low share prices mean there are some industry leaders now trading below their value, setting the stage for higher returns for 2023.

In terms of recent purchases, the strategy has recently bought First Solar (FSLR) on Jan 3rd and the stock has risen an impressive 7.44% in a week (Chart 1).

Chart 1 FSLR Example

Within the portfolio, if you would like to know more details on stock picking, there is a perfect example for ENTG from Chart 2, you can see that our AI strategy is buying ENTG on Nov 7th and selling on Nov 14th making a profit of an impressive 15.63% in just 7 days.

Chart 2 ENTG Example

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