Text Type Indicators example: Region; Tag; Industry; Index; Exchange Market

How to use Text Type Indicators?

You can simply type the name of an item to get the table of all companies with their text type information. For example, the query “Tag” will show you the tag which the company belong to.

Multi-condition stock selection

By writing additional conditions from either fundamental, technical or other perspectives, you can now see 2 or more columns added to your screener based on your criteria. Please remember to add semi comma between each condition. The image below shows a typical multi-conditional query and its expected results. Query: tag; region.

Result Filter

Set up a special text to filter results. If you type the query “tag include Electric vehicles”, you will find out all companies with tag of Electric vehicles. Besides, you can simply query “Electric vehicles” if you are familiar with it.

You can also query “tag exclude Electric vehicles” to exclude some special items in some situation.

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