Curve Finance(Curve) - a decentralized exchange that focuses on efficient stablecoin trading, an automated market maker (AMM)

CRV is the native token of Curve Finance.

The origin of Curve

Michael Egorov is the founder and CEO of Curve. He is not only a Russian scientist but also has various experiences with concurrency-related enterprises. In 2015, he co-founded and became CTO of NuCypher. The decentralized bank and loans network LoanCoin was also founded by Egorov. Curve’s regular team is part of the CRV allocation structure. There are only a few details of other team members; the interviews confirm there are at least five other members who joined Egorov for Curve Finance. Two developers, Angel Angelov and Ben Hauser, and three community managers. The curve has always been committed to being an AMM focused on stablecoin trading.

The Core Competitiveness of Curve

Compared to other blockchain AMMs such as Sushiswap and Uniswap, only supporting stablecoins is one of Curve's core competencies. Supporting only stablecoins makes the risk of ‘the market moving too fast’ become less risky. For example, 1 USDT should equal 1 USDC, which should equal roughly 1 BUSD, and so on. However, if people want to convert 100mln of USDT to USDC, then convert it to BUSD, there will be some slippage. Minimizing the slippage is the main goal of Curve.


The total supply of CRV is 3.03 billion, according to the Curve.Finance website. 62% of CRV will go to community liquidity providers, 30% to Curve.Finance’s team and investors, 3% to employees and 5% to the “community reserve.” In August 2020, the CRV became a governance token. CRV was started to power Curve’s DAO in August 2020. Because the smart contract code was open-source, when Curve wasn’t ready to launch the DAO, an anonymous user launched the smart contract kickstarting the DAO. The Curve team decided to accept the early launch. In 2021, the Curve community was embroiled in the “DAO wars.” Bad actors have tried to manipulate the Curve’s DAO rules. After that, the Curve Emergency DAO banned one bad actor from participating.

The Price of CRV

After CRV was launched, its price immediately hit an all-time high of $6.93 but then dropped to the $0.3 level by October 2020. In 2021, following the cryptocurrency market bull, CRV climbed to $4.04. But it went back to $1.28 in July and then surged to $6.4 in Jan 2022. After that, CRV fell with the cryptocurrency market without exception. The price of CRV dropped to about $0.5 to $1.5 in the middle of 2022.

Hope you have a nice trading day!

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